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About us

Online Store 7 Honey Continents was created for people who like us appreciate honey for its unusual taste and numerous health properties.

In our online store you will find:

  • natural honeys from the best apiaries from around the world
  • bee pollen full of beneficial ingredients
  • bee bread rich in vitamins, amino acids, micro- and macroelements
  • Manuka honey - the most expensive and most valued honey
  • honey sweets
  • cosmetics with honey
  • propolis and ultrasonic diffusers, as well as other apiculture products

The extraordinary diversity of continents, both in terms of nature and climate, provides us with new honey taste sensations.

We strongly encourage you to include honey in your daily diet, as well as the use of bee products as natural dietary supplements, both preventively and helpfully in case of health problems.

Our clients are our inspiration and their needs are our challenge.

We cordially invite you to our online shop

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